16 Qualities to become a Successful Leader

There is no direct relation with education and leadership quality. While education helps to have a better perception of situations in life, it is not a passport always to be a successful leader. Some qualities like managing inter-personal relationship, and other qualities like good communication, passion, persuasion, conviction, emotional intelligence etc. come as bigger tools to become a successful leader. Here are 16 qualities which can make a person a successful leader.

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 1.       Listening

You can be a great thinker, philosopher and extra ordinary human being but if you do not possess listening ability, you are blocking your own road to success. Listening is the ability to have a proper understanding of the people and situation which helps you in preparing a well thought response and framing decision. If you listen well to people around you and then explain the positives and negatives to them, your acceptability becomes more amicable and pleasant.

2. Empathy

Empathy prepares a person to realize the demands and needs of his/her team members. Keeping this in mind, the decisions and direction the person is going to drive looks like a caring and personalized attitude which makes team members willingly to adopt and improve. Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam said once that he learned a beautiful lesson  when his satellite Mission Director from his boss Satish Dhavan that a leaders accepts the failures of team himself but gives credit to his team for success.

3. Humility

Humility is a greatest asset to a leader. This makes a leader to acknowledge and appreciate the ideas of his/her team and ensures greater success. This also gives fearless space to his team leaders to develop leadership skills, make improvements and excel in their own areas.  Giving respect and value to the team members earns, trust, respect and value for the leader also.

4.         Learning

A good leader never stops learning. He/she is a student for the entire life, never hesitates in asking questions and applying correction. He/she receives ideas, information and data with open mind and uses them for his own improvements and improvements of his/her team. His feedback loop is always active to avoid errors and apply corrections wherever they are needed.

5.         Passion

He/she is passionate about his/her aims and objective. Working with such a leaders helps the team members to constantly strive for excellence and drives them for achieving outstanding results. The performance of such a team is unparalleled, full of innovations and new ideas and creating win-win situation for everyone. Team members have clear vision, direction and keep them motivated always on the path of success.

6. Optimism

Any project has chances of failures and success. Difficulties are part of the life and so in every sphere of work. To remain positive and optimistic always helps in creating an atmosphere to achieve greater success rather than surrender and fail. Such leader never loses faith in his/her team which gives trust and enhances performance.

7. Resilience

Fighting spirit and never give up attitude makes a great leader. They are ever ready to face challenges and learn from the mistakes but never give up. Such leaders become role model for many. They become more effective, innovative and successful leaders. Pressure cannot force them to deviate from the goal and the end result is success and success.

8. Creativity

Creativity is one of the greatest attribute a leader should have. He is always open to find new ways to do things and drive changes in the society and organization.  They are accelerators for innovations and allow others to be creative.

9. Communication

Not only clarity of thoughts is required to be a successful leader but how to translate them through communication, whether oral or written is equally important. Good communication skill helps the leaders to convey what exactly he/she means and what is expected from others. The clarity in communication makes a leader more acceptable to the people and inspires them to improve.

10. Planning and Execution

Great leaders are those who can look ahead, look ahead of time. Such leaders are rare. A person with clear plan in mind and a clear road map for execution makes him/her capable of achieving success in difficult circumstances. The detailing of the plan, resources required, time frame in mind, the periodic targets and end results are key ingredients under this quality for a successful leader.

11. Integrity

You cannot walk on the road of consistent success if one lacks integrity. Manipulators can achieve temporary success but one day they are bound to be doomed. Great leaders walk the talk and are role models for others. You cannot take people for granted and if your value system is not strong, they are bound to leave you and challenge you at some point of time.

12. Self Awareness

Before asking others to improve, you as a successful leader must introspect and know where stand and where you want to be. You should know your pluses and minuses and must work on improving on them. Your own development is development of the team and therefore you should never shy away from acquiring newer skills and remain committed and motivated.

13. Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is important attribute for a successful leader. Your relationship with others is defines a person that YOU are and therefore, understanding others, caring for them make you a great leader.

14. Training and Coaching

Human skill is the greatest value for the team as well as leader. Skill development is not a onetime affair and needs constant up gradation and updating. Continuous improving your own skill and improving team skill is necessary for never ending success. Investment in coaching and training is never a waste and gives handsome returns in times to come for the team as well as the organization.

15. Ability in handling conflicts and conflict resolution

In today’s world differences and conflicts are bound to arise as people come from different back ground and have different value system. One’s ability to understand this diversity of minds and ability to resolve the conflicts are important attributes for a successful leader. Such a leader makes a happier and pleasant work place to work and keeps the team cohesive and solidly committed to the goals.

16. A thinker

A leader with clear thinking and analytical ability makes a leader to have a helicopter view of the situation and simultaneously not missing out minor detailing. A thinker is able to interlink various parts of the project or objective and integrate them smoothly to achieve the overall goal.

 At the end, A happy leadership makes a happier team and a successful organization.

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