Walk on the path of Spirituality during your Quarantine Period

During the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic time when priorities have become to save and save only lives before anything else, it has become essential to remain quarantined for long period until and unless it is unavoidable. This forceful isolation makes the life boring and dull. You can’t have outings, parties with friends, shopping mall visits, movies and play watching in theater etc. has been given a full stop. These restrictions are putting a high toll on physical and mental health of many. How to remain healthy and fit in such a difficult time? Even more important is how to remain emotionally fit and joyful. The way is to walk on the path of spirituality. The way is to explore the excellent person that you are. The way is not to allow setting of depression and remain ever joyful. Go ahead and find the new joy through spirituality. Here are the ways to walk on the path of spirituality during your quarantine period.

And what is the spirituality? In simple terms, spirituality is merging of one’s own individuality with the universality. You are part of the universe. You are the part of the creation, the creative principle and the creative force. Merge yourself with it, become it. That is spirituality. In ancient times, Himalayan caves were attractive destinations for many to find solitude and explore the self. Now, you have been given the solitude at your home itself. Why not use it for self discovery and the discovery of Supreme within yourself?

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1.     Start Yoga and Meditation

Have you ever practiced yoga and meditation? Never or done few times and left! This is the time when you can pick up the habit and practice it regularly. Find a suitable room, switch off the light and sound both. Go deep within. Observe your breathing. Observe your thoughts. Gradually you will find that your mind gets stilled. Enjoy the peace and enjoy the joy. The practice in this Corona time will propel you to continue the habit even after normalcy is restored and you will be immensely benefited from it in terms of better physical and mental health. During the meditation period, you will also meet the excellent person that you are while observing your thought process. Introspect, analyze and Look at your positive and negative thoughts. Become aware, work sincerely on negativeness and make the self a better person.

2.     Read Spiritual Books

Books are your best friends. Spiritual books are your truest friend which introduces you to the Self and the Supreme power behind everything. Study religions, rituals and traditions and the arts and sciences behind. Assimilate the knowledge and get filled with the joy. There is nothing sublime and pure as KNOWLEDGE. It opens newer and newer vistas and newer world for you. You will be amazed to find the new level of confidence, love and trust through the divine scriptures. You will find new meaning to life irrespective of your faith and beliefs.

  1. Start Gardening

Gardening is one of the most enjoyable hobbies one can develop. It not only gives mental joy but also involves little physical work which increases your wellness and fitness level. If you have sufficient space around your house, then it’s very well. If not, use your terrace or your balconies for gardening. Go and buy some pots, prepare the soil with mix of sand and compost, plant seeds in the pots or buy the planted pots. Water them regularly as required. See with great amazement how the seeds bring little plants out, hoe the plants grow, how the flower booms and how the fruits sprout out. The whole process is wonderful and you will see the creation at work. You will get many flowers and fruits from a single seeds. Is it not the manifestation of many from one? Is it not like God’s creation?  Yes! You are becoming part of God’s creation to create the wonderful plants around you. And, you will get flowers, fruits vegetable as free dividend at home.

  1. Learn Cooking

If you never went to your kitchen due to your busy schedule, then Corona time gives you ample opportunities to try your hand at kitchen. Do simple things, prepare, tea, breakfast and whatever you like. Wonderful information and videos are available on internet about cooking and if you study them well, you will become an expert cook in a short time. Take help of your better half and you will find him or her appreciating your skills in a short time. Go, get her/ his love and joy in return. Do experiments do not afraid of spoiling food once or twice but in the process you will get lots of satisfaction and joy.

  1. Writing blogs or books

You might have written essays in your school and college days but thereafter, stopped all forms of writing except your official or personal ones. Since you have already started yoga and meditation, your thought process on any subject of interest will get clearer and clearer day by day. Try putting those thoughts on paper or on your computer. Do not hurry, delve deep into subject and start giving words to the subject. Read it again and again; improve it every time you read it. You will find an excellent writer, story teller, fiction writer, poet or essay writer within you in few days of practice. Send it to your friends for suggestions and improvement, publish them on social media or publish in print media. You will enjoy the new journey in the literary field.

  1. Listen Spiritual Music, Bhajans, Spiritual Song, Mantras and Holy Chants

Listening music, bhajans, spiritual songs, mantras and holy chants is a great source of energy to uplift mood and make one serene and joyful. This also helps you in exercising on your vocal cord. Repeating mantras trains your mind and purifies you within. Recite them with full consciousness and understanding. The musical tones and words will continue to vibrate in your mind even when you are sleeping and you will get continuous new joy out of it. Your spiritual powers will increase and each day will become a better day than yesterday for you.

So, go ahead and start walking on the path of spirituality during your quarantine period and take its full advantage to become a better person.


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